Event Sponsorship & Donation Requests

At Georgian Hills Vineyards, we are honoured to support local charities, the arts, and community projects. One of our main objectives as a business is to continue developing our local culinary industry. While we would like to be part of every event which aligns with our goals and values, we are a small winery, with a small team.

What we look for when selecting events and sponsorship opportunities to participate in:

      • Location: As a local business, we like to keep focused our immediate region and can only commit to attending events in the Georgian Triangle.
      • Presence and Branding: We’d love to be there! We’d always prefer to have a team member on-site pouring our wine, telling our story, and sharing what makes our area unique.
      • Timing: We need time to schedule staff, get our materials together, and get the wine to you! Please allow us at least 3 weeks lead time.
      • Fit: We love to partner with other organizations and businesses who share our goals. For example; chefs, restaurants, bars, brewers, distillers, and other vineyards share our vision of growing our local culinary identity. Hospitals, shelters, and community foundations support our vision of building a strong, vibrant and healthy community.


Event Donation Request

Please complete as much of the following form as possible to give us an understanding of you and your event.
  • Please tell us who the event is benefiting.
  • Please include the goal of your event, and any related websites and social media pages
    If you'd like us to pour wine, please answer the questions below.
    (we'll need to get this later)
  • Please let us know who, and what they are donating.


Thank you for reaching out to Georgian Hills Vineyards and supporting local wines. We will review your request within a week and decide which event we can best support due to the cause, our budget and staffing availability.


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