Orange Cube

Orange Cube

Help us in welcoming Orange Cube, a contemporary pop up art gallery, to our winery Saturday and Sunday from 12pm – 5pm until Sept 15, 2015.

The Photographs and Paintings of Adriene Veninger will be on display.

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Adriene Veninger’s works reveal a decades long preoccupation with the natural world. Her earliest photographic documentations of leaves became a kind of inventory taking of nature’s humble and commonplace discards. These images isolate the subjects removing them from the visually chaotic environments that would otherwise detract, from the experience of appreciating the complexity of these forms.

In time, as working with film became more difficult as traditional photographic materials became discontinued, Veninger took up painting. Trophies are a series of realistically rendered paintings depicting animals’ heads based on images taken from the Internet. Choosing a time consuming process like painting to create their portraits is for Veninger a way of paying homage, to the spirit of the deceased animals.

Veninger’s works have been extensively exhibited in North America as well as England, and Japan. It is included in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Canada, and has been in it’s touring exhibition;  Flora and Fauna; 400 years of Artists Inspired by Nature.

Her work can be viewed at