Rosé Wine

The forgotten wine! Rosé wines are on the comeback, usually made from red grapes, lightly pressed or cold soaked, with just enough colour and flavour to add a little more depth and character than white wines.

Perfect Pairing: The perfect summer wine! From Easter to Thanksgiving enjoy rose wines with appetizers, salads and “pink” meats – such as grilled trout or salmon. Ideal with the big family turkey or ham dinner.

Gamay Rosé 2014

Gamay Rosé 2013

A vibrant rosé with flavours of cherry, strawberry, plum and a flourish of rhubarb and cranberries.

12% alc./vol 750 ml


Pinot Rosé 2014

Gamay Rosé 2013

A fuller, richer style rosé with flavours of raspberry, cherry, plum and black currants with soft tannins.

12.9% alc./vol 750 ml


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