Sweet Wine

To grow grapes that make delicious sweet winter wines you need the right climate. With guaranteed temperatures of -8℃ or colder, we make sweet winter wines every year in the traditional ice wine method. In addition, we have two medal winning iced fruit wines naturally frozen made from apple or pear.

Perfect Pairing: Sweet wines are the dessert! Perfect with fruit, cheese, chocolate and dare we say with savoury dishes too like scallops and bacon!

Ida Red 2014 - Frozen to the Core


Ida Red 2015
Frozen to the Core


This delicious sweet amber nectar has intense apple flavours with warm hints of spice and honey.

10.2% alc./vol 375 ml – Iced apple wine

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Bartlett 2013 - Frozen to the Core

Bartlett 2014
Frozen to the Core

This delicious sweet elegant nectar has luscious pear flavours with subtle hints of almond and marzipan.

11% alc./vol 375 ml – Iced pear wine


Vidal 2013 - Frozen on the Vine

Vidal 2016
Frozen on the Vine

Flavours of honey, apricot, peach and pear balanced beautifully with fresh acidity leading to a long, sweet and delicious finish.

8.5% alc./vol
200 ml $20, 375 ml $35


Vidal Select - Late Harvest 2012

Vidal Select
Late Harvest 2012


Rich and vibrant with delicious flavours of apricot, peach and subtle hints of honey.

10.5% alc./vol 375 ml


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